Katy Perry Crashed my Wedding!


Katy Perry Crashed my wedding! When Hayley Blonie tied the knot, no one could have predicted that their special day would be even more extraordinary. As the wedding party was posing for photos, a surprise guest made an unexpected cameo: none other than Katy Perry! Talk about adding a spark of wit to the occasion.

The Four Season St Louis

The Four Seasons in downtown St Louis Missouri set the stage for a wedding that was fit for royalty. Hayley Rosenblum and Blonie Dudney’s big day was an experience like no other; every element of the celebration exuded extravagance and luxury. From the guests dressed in their finest black-tie attire to the beautiful flower arrangements, no expense or detail was spared. But what truly made it a night to remember were those special moments that can never be planned.

Wow Katy Perry crashed our wedding!

The night was coming to a close, but the celebrations were still going strong as the bride and groom said their goodbyes to the guests. As they began to turn back towards the crowd, I noticed an unexpected group of people making their way into the room who seemed out of place in their casual sneakers, t-shirts, flat bills, tank tops, and sunglasses. Suddenly Katy Perry emerged from the sea of people and cheerfully exclaimed ‘Would you mind if we crashed your wedding?’

Katy beamed as she led the couple to the dance floor, her crew following closely behind. Those fifteen minutes were filled with laughter and joy that the bride and groom are sure to remember forever. After a heartfelt congratulatory hug, Katy and her crew bid their goodbyes, leaving a lasting impression on everyone they’d met.

One thing we really liked about Ray is that he genuinely cared about our personal story and our experience as a couple getting married. That personal connection really matters and made us more comfortable having our picture taken